Unlock your Brand's true potential with embodied Creative Agency!

We want you to walk into your future endeavours looking good & feeling good! Leave the hard stuff to us, we will help you embody your mission & have fun doing it!

Multi-Platform Creativity!


Here at Embodied Creative Agency, we deliver your brand or business and assist in the transitioning into today’s standards. With the utilization of our graphic design team, photo and film team and our creative media team we assure to direct you in claiming your visual identity and engaging your target audience. Obtain professional advice from our top consultants and allow them to assist you in your creative goals.

Photography Printing Services

Let us make your photo shoot worry free. Photography can be a great experience , keep it easy. From shoot to print we will provide everything you need right here in one package, One price!

Whats our deal? You asked...

Here at embodied we take a common sense approach to media. We have gathered a network of some of the top up and coming professionals in the region to bring you top quality media services at  affordable prices.

Holiday Photo Specialists

The holidays bring many new memories. Why not freeze a little piece of time to cherish those moments for years to come? We provide special holiday packages to provide you with money saving options when savings are most needed!

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  • Philadelphia _Training_ Academy_ First_ Annual_ Zombie_ Shoot _2014_embodied_creative_digital_agency_philadelphia_south_jersey_small_business_web_design_photograph_consultation_ graphic_design_social_media_video_visual_branding_best_in_tri_state_area_discounts
    October 22, 2014
    Philadelphia Training Academy First Annual Zombie Shoot 2014
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  • embodied_creative_digital_agency_philadelphia_south_jersey_small_business_web_design_photograph_consultation_ graphic_design_social_media_video_visual_branding_best_in_tri_state_area_discount
    October 22, 2014
    DJ Expo 2014 Preview
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    September 22, 2014
    Andre's 6th Birthday Video Production
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