Top quality photography is important in any branding situation.

Here at embodied our photographers use top of the line equipment & lenses to capture every situation.

Let the photo do the talking!

Unlock the emotion of every shot and connect with your audience!

Well I have 18 megapixels on my phone, whats the difference?

While smart phone technology is extremely impressive it is still a long way from replacing a photographer . The photography gear and high end DSLR cameras have advanced as well here in 2015.  It really comes down to a talent to frame out a shot and to adapt to very bad lighting situations.

Its about knowing light , math , shutter speed, and aperture with all the experience that goes with it. See megapixels are a “size measurement”. A blurry picture is blurry in 5 megapixels or 20!
The main factor in image quality is the image sensor & lenses, “Your average photographer will have a variety of them.”

The photographer will carry a good amount equipment. We will carry to a average shoot ” external flash, multiple lenses, 2 Canon bodies, stands, flash packs, tripods, etc..” all of which are necessary to make your pictures or event beautiful.


Also keep in mind a “Pro” photographer will shoot in “RAW” format. This provides he or she with a intensive pallet of options in editing that you just can’t get with the jpg format.



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