Website Project Form

First thing is first... We will start with the personal contact information for the person or "persons" who will be representing your company in the web design process.

Your website will be custom made to fit your particular needs. Based on the wordpress engine you will have complete access to your site and the ability to add users as well as limit access to particular areas. We will guide you through the setup process until your site is a embodiment of your brand.


Once you understand the flow of your site you can begin to build it. Now we must separate your ideas & services to pages. Please list all potential pages for your site & a description of its contents.
example “ music page , we would like to listen , view & sell our music on this page.”

Now we need to add all the information that will displayed on your website. Please fill out the txt box with the internet browser address of your corresponding network or address so we can make the proper connections.


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